Studio extension

Usually I paint at home. I have a small but comfortable room where I can paint in comfort. Usually this space is enough, but for larger paintings or specific jobs, like framing or preparing canvasses, it would be nice to have some more room available. So while I was looking for space to move some of our cars I happened to find the perfect building!

And this is what we found. Not very historic or picturesque, but extremely practical(industrial) and above all, upstairs there's a good space for a studio for painting and showing my paintings.
 The first thing I did was, to buy a new broom and clean the floors.
Then it was time for some practical woodwork to divide "loft" into separate storage and studio spaces.
I was surprised at the amount of materials needed. This is just one load.
 There was a hole in the floor that needed some fixing
 Shelving for canvasses and panels for painting were constructed
 And more shelving
My first wooden door didn't come out really bad at all. Painting the walls white makes the studio space much lighter. Very civilised!
More stuff to be hauled away ore moved.
An extra workbench always comes in handy. For framing or any other job fixing ..
Studio space basically finished. I intend to keep it as uncluttered as I can. Now I can move the painting tools.